Disaster Response

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Due to the amount of natural disasters we as a nation have experienced over the last several years, we here at CK Construction and CK Handyman, have decided to start a donation funded, disaster relief team, that will be capable of deploying anywhere in the continental United States within 24 hours of a disaster, to help with clean up and provide repairs to homes and shelters at no cost to the victims.

Our goal will be to ensure that the roads are clear for first responders; hospitals are safe places to seek care; and homes won't fall in.

Our company founder is a certified firefighter, and a general contractor, as well as trained in disaster management, so he is well versed in both rescue, and demolition and site cleanup.

Please help us reach our goal of making this a reality for all of those who have been affected by a natural disaster, but cannot help themselves, by making it possible to clear the way for first responders and rescue personnel.

If you would like to donate to the DRT, please click HERE.

If you need to contact the Disaster Response Team, click on any DRT logo on this page.