Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

1.) What services do you offer? We offer everything except for flooring, roofing, foundation repair, and landscaping, unless they are part of a much larger project. But we can put you in contact with some of the best in the business if thats all that you are needing.

2.) Do you offer moving services? Maybe in the future, but it is currently something that we do not offer.

3.) Do you offer a warranty? Yes. We offer a limited warranty on labor only. Ranging from 30 days, to 1 year. Exterior work is warrantied on a case by case basis, for example, labor on fences is only warrantied if we stain/seal the fence as well.

4.) What if my project needs a General Contractor? We've got you covered. Our owner is a GC, and can oversee pretty much any project you have, short of road work. We also have several other GCs on staff, that can take on just about any project.

5.) Do you install ceiling fans? Yes. Sometimes we install so many ceiling fan that we wish we could avoid them for a few weeks, but dont frett, we'll still come install yours.

6.) Do you offer HVAC services? Limited. We currently have the ability to make minor repairs, but are working to get a new HVAC Tech.

7.) How does scheduling work? To schedule an estimate, just give us a call, or send us a text/message/email, and include you contact information, such as name, number, and address, and we can usually get you scheduled within a couple of days. Once an estimate is complete, and you have agreed to our quote, we will schedule you on a first come first served basis, unless it is something that constitutes an emergency.

8.) What constitutes an emergency? Any power loss that effects smoke detectors, fire alarms, security systems, or HVAC (weather dependant), or major water leaks, such as a leaking water heater.

9.) What is the response time for an emergency? Generally within 2-4 hours, unless it is effecting smoke detectors or alarm systems, then we try to get to you within the hour, depending on your location.

10.) Is there an extra charge for emergency calls? Not necessarily. We only charge an extra fee if the call is after hours.

11.) I tried to call after hours, how come no one answered? If you attempted to call between the hours of 11 PM and 7 AM, and you were not able to reach someone, please leave us a message, if its an emergency, please hang up, and immediately call right back. We need to sleep too, but this will bypass the do not disturb feature of the on-call phone, and wake someone up to help you out.

12.) Do you offer spray foam insulation? Yes, but there are exceptions to this. Contact us for more details.